Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

Just before we had seen the golden balls of light out over the lake, there had been multiple sightings of anomalous lights over the city of Phoenix and surrounding area in Arizona. This would have started approximately a week prior to our seeing the lights over Lake Ontario. I looked over some archives of sightings in the previous year, 1996,and Phoenix had had similar occurrences at that time also.

We dubbed our golden lights, "orbs" - Spheres of golden light.

After our first sighting on the 22nd of March, I posted a short note to UFO Updates, an Internet forum, briefly stating what had been seen, and asking if anyone had any information available on these lights.

I believe that I opened the flood gates with that one little post. Many people sent me thoughts and information, philosophies, theories and so on. Some provided me with reports of similar sightings elsewhere or asked for information on appearance, flight dynamics, size etc. Others sent me warnings of grave danger.

But, when I look back on all this, six months on, what I do have is a wonderful group of caring people. People who are continuing along the path with me, many supporting me from as far away as Germany and Australia, and providing information and helpful feedback on my observations and thoughts.

I also have a close group of friends right here in Ontario. These friends continue to work with me on the frequent visits to the lakeshore, at all hours of day and night, often under very extreme weather conditions, recording, logging, thinking, brain-storming, laughing and crying.

We have watched and recorded.

Whatever this phenomenon is, on our lake, surrounded by millions of people, it isn't going away. It makes itself very clear to us, and we feel that slow progress is being made in discovering more about the story of the "orbs."